Happy Easter Bunny?

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Easter Bunny? We know you’re out there. [Personally, I’m terrified of clowns and most things with with a mask but we don’t need to go there.] We also know that we all loooove to take pictures of our children but don’t always get the results that we’re looking for. So, we’re having our Easter contest of “Spring Pics that have gone wrong”. We’re partnering with our good friends at Moss Photography. So, start looking through those Spring Easter pics and find the one of the kids that just didn’t go as planned and send it in. With an Easter Bunny, without an Easter Bunny, around the azalea bush, wherever and send it in. We’ll post on Monday, then put it to a vote. The one with the most likes will win - 2 dozen Easter cupcake minis, a dozen tokens for future use and a photo session with Moss Photography to “redo” that pic and leave with a gorgeous 8 x 10. Sound like fun? We hope so….and Happy Easter.

Oh, we surfed the web and found a couple that made us laugh or cry - we’ll be posting and you decide.

A Happy Cupcake New Year Ahead

Well, it’s here! 2012 I always start the new year a little apprehensive - kinda afraid to stick my nose out until I get a feel for what I think lies ahead but not this year! I’m going boldly into the new year and trying some things that I had wanted to but just didn’t have the time in 2011. Now I’m not complaining about 2011 - Lots of new friends came into our shop for the first time, Cupcake Wars - - twice :D, cupcakes at the Governor’s mansion and opening the second shop! The upside to being busy is that you are; the downside is that all you get to do sometime is react as opposed to plan. So - for 2012 my commitment is to slow down! Slow down and enjoy the moment and be in the present.  You’ll notice this commitment carrying over to the shops. How you ask?

Monday mini’s • we will carry mini’s of all of our cupcake flavors on Monday’s.  We invite you to stop in for a cup of coffee, cocoa or ice cold milk and have a mini…or two!

Cupcake decorating classes • I’ve been saying that we’re going to do it but now we really are! Look for one to be offered in late January and another in early February to learn how to frost and decorate cupcakes, at home, in time for Valentine’s Day.

Text messages • I personally have a problem with the amount of texts I send a day so I want to text you, too, with specials, happy hours and the announcement of new flavors or contests. So, be on the lookout for that!

For the kids! • We love our littlest visitors and want them to have a great time while they are there.  We will have our house made hot chocolate or ice cold milk for our little cupcake munchkins. While you’re there, we have games, puzzles and coloring pages to keep everyone happy so please ask your cupcake helper where they are stashed!  (I’ve seen the cupcake helpers coloring, too)

Oh! speaking of kids • Our party room is available for cupcake birthday parties tailored to all age groups! For more details, email us at celebrate@justcupcakes.net

So, join me and slow down, just for a little while :-) and enjoy January and just wait to see what we have in store for February!

We believe…..in cupcakes!

HO HO HO - it’s our favorite time of the year at the shops.  Both shops are fully decorated and ready for you to visit.  We’ve chosen “We Believe” as our holiday mantra. Wikipedia defines “mantra” as a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation”.  That’s what our wish for you is this season; to join us in believing in all that’s good during the holidays and continue that feeling all year long.

Below is a list that we believe in….if you’d like to share - we’d love to hear!

1. Homemade Christmas ornaments are better than store bought ones.

2. There are less calories in holiday sweets than other times of the year.

3. Hot chocolate is better with homemade marshmallows (available at the shop)

4. Wearing a santa hat is not always a good fashion statement.

5. Everything looks better with twinkly lights.

6. Everyone should work hard to be on the “good” list.

So, this holiday, take it easy and enjoy the season. Again, we invite you to stop by either shop and take a sweet break.  While you’re there ask our cupcake helpers for games, coloring pages and crayons for you to enjoy with your little one! We will have some cupcake gifts for you to purchase, tutus for little girls and gift tokens that come in the “one size fits all”

Just Cupcakes in downtown Norfolk


No big secret that I looooove downtown Norfolk.  So when the opportunity presented itself to open inside of Bean There Café I jumped on it.  This is certainly a test for us but we feel sure that Norfolk loves cupcakes and the response has been great! 

Our shop inside of Bean There will have hours different from the shops.  We will open at 8:30am and close at 2pm each day.  We will also be offering our new “breakfast cupcakes”. This week we’ll have our cinnamon sugar doughnut cupcake, pop tart cupcake and blackout cupcake. The doughnut cupcake has a delicate balance of cinnamon and fresh nutmeg and topped with yummy cinnamon sugar.  Our pop tart cupcake is a delicious vanilla cupcake combined with strawberry pop tarts and topped with our light Italian Meringue. The blackout cake is our dark chocolate cupcake filled with our house made chocolate custard and topped with chocolate streusel.  These cupcakes are perfect for your morning coffee and will only be offered until 11:00. After 11am, we’ll have all of our flavors out for you to enjoy for lunch or for the afternoon.

One of the best things about being a small business is that it allows us to try all kinds of new things - and we are. Besides our new breakfast cupcakes, Friday was our first cupcake and wine tasting held at Bean There.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to end the week.  Be on the lookout for our September cupcake and wine tasting to be held at our Town Center shop.  AND (yes there’s more) we’ll be updating our site with our “perfect pairings”.  The perfect wine to compliment cupcake flavors as we move swiftly to the holiday season. yikes!

Finally, be on the lookout for our schedule of fall cupcake classes.  Send the kiddo’s back to school and then come to our class to learn something for YOU and your family!

On a personal note, thank you for all of the support that you continually give us and, er well, me.  While being on Cupcake Wars was great fun, even better has been all of you that have come in and talked with me about it - tried the hurricane cupcake (yes, we’ll be making the others this fall) and always treated me like a winner. I am eternally grateful. 
xo Carla

Final Day of the Great Just Cupcakes Giveaway

The final giveaway is something that is a one size fits all. As you know we donate whatever is not sold each day to qualified nonprofits to use or distribute.  However, we also choose a monthly event in our community to sponsor. One of our favorite things to do in Hampton Roads is see performances at the Virginia Stage Company www.vastage.com and we are proud to donate to events and performances to help bring in funds and awareness. Soooooo they have been kind enough to donate 2 tickets to the “Last 5 Years” to be used between February 22 - March 13 at the beautiful Wells Theatre.

(stepping on soapbox) It’s important that business gives back to the community. We’ve donated thousands of cupcakes and dollars to breast cancer awareness, Heart Association, Haiti, Girl Scouts, ALS, EMS, SPCA and others. These are issues that are important to me or someone that works here.  Pay it forward. It’s easy. 

Day 2 of the Just Cupcakes Great Giveaway

In the previous post I mentioned that our GO at Town Center this weekend is dedicated to our customers……soooooo the 2nd thing we’re giving to a customer/friend is my favorite apron! I love this apron and wear it often and have them for my nieces as well. I hope you’ll love it! So, stop by either shop and sign up with your purchase.  We’ll be drawing the names this Saturday evening at the end of the day in Town Center. You don’t have to be present to win but you do have to be available to pick it up ;-)

Oh! This apron will be the perfect thing to wear when we start our cupcake decorating classes!

Just Cupcakes Grand Opening in Town Center

Cupcakes love a celebration and this weekend, March 5th, will be the Grand Opening of our Town Center location. We’re dedicating this GO to our friend customers because that’s what you’ve become - friends that are also customers ;-) All of us that work at JC love talking with you, hearing about your lives, watching your babies grow and helping you celebrate special moments. So….to show our appreciation and to show off the new shop, we’ll have samples of all of our cupcakes and our delish Seattle’s Best Coffee. We’ll all be hanging out to talk and eat! (And yes, my Mom will be here; just try to not talk to her ;-) Also, we will be giving away some gifts that we hope will make baking in your own home just a little sweeter.  All to say “Thank You” for making our dreams a reality and to help us in this new location.

Giveaway #1 is big and pink (surprise, surprise) All this week, when you make a purchase at either shop, you’ll be able to register to win one of our prizes. The grand prize is a Kitchen-Aid pink stand up mixer. Baking from scratch is all about using the best ingredients in the best mixer and loving every second of it. Did you know that we bake everything from scratch, several times a day? We never, ever, sell anything a day old - only the freshest for you ;-)

For a full list of rules, we will post later this morning (as I think them up). Basically, we’ll all play nice so that everyone gets a fair chance and THANK YOU to our great customers